Investment Strategy

By way of introduction, the LEGACY PORTFOLIOS Investments Delta 846/V Fund invests in the highly liquid major currency pairs.

The fund uses multiple strategies to make intelligent decisions. It selects its positions by using quantitative analysis and has built-in algorithms which are programmed to analyze current events such as market movements and economic releases. The fund uses the results to identify potential trades. The system will choose the currency pairs that have the highest probability of outperforming the market. The true value of this fund lies in the fact that it uses an algorithm which calculates the volatility of a currency pair in multiple time periods. It also uses a compounding strategy which increases the lot size based on any gains it makes with the implementation of Dynamic Money Management (DMM) to trail its profits. The fund also checks the equity levels and its retracements, analyses the market dynamics irrespective of the time of day or night, and opens positions five days a week with no time limits. As a result, 90% of the positions are opened during periods with the lowest spreads and the highest market liquidity. There is a fine balance between the maximization of potential profits and the prevention of potential losses. The fund’s algorithms keep the optimal risk level between low and medium

An additional strategy that the fund uses is the Protection Strategy. It has five protection systems built into the algorithms. They are money management controls, a calendar, volatility filters, and news and economic reports filters. These filters automatically analyze any relevant changes in market conditions. The drawdown tolerance levels are set very carefully allowing the fund to trade automatically. Should investors choose a lower risk level, there is another algorithm that can be activated. This algorithm automatically determines trading volumes based on the account risk percentage per individual deal. The final algorithm that the investor can activate is the algorithm to compensate for any current drawdown.

Why it's the best?

The internal mechanisms of the LEGACY PORTFOLIOS Investments Delta 846/V Fund are truly unique. It’s clear that the reason why this fund is one of the world’s

top-performing funds is because of its uniquely programmed algorithms which allow the fund to trade automatically, independent of time zone or human error.

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