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The fund managers have set up automated algorithms which track the short and medium term market events. In essence, this fund runs by itself on “cruise control”. The beauty of using automated algorithms is that the fund is not affected by human emotion and “spur of the moment” decisions. These algorithms automatically monitor and analyze the current market movements and economic releases, and then base their decisions on the logical analysis of current market trends.

The fund strategy incorporates indicators measuring market volatility and momentum in order to determine the direction and trend of the market. The strategy includes long (buy) short(sell) and flat (hedged) positions for the short and medium term periods.

The Omicron 349/A fund uses a multi-strategic approach. It is based on an algorithm which calculates the volatility of a pair of currencies in multiple time periods. It also uses a compounding strategy which increases its lot size based on any gains it makes. Finally, the fund also checks the equity levels and its retracements, analyzes the market dynamics irrespective of the time of day or night, and opens positions five days a week with no time limits. As a result, the fund operates during periods where there is a high probability of success.

Why it's the best?

It has five built-in algorithms, which act as protection systems, allowing it to keep ahead of current market trends. These protection systems include news and economic filters, a calendar, money management controls and volatility filters. Should these five algorithms not be enough, there is another algorithm

that can be activated resulting in the fund’s risk profile being lowered even further. When this algorithm is activated, the fund will start working out its trading volumes based on the account risk percentage for each position. A final algorithm can also be activated which will compensate for any drawdown.

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